Who Are You People?

If you’re like me, stumbling across a blog prompts 2 questions: Who are you people? and Why do you think I want to read about your recipes and pinterest fails?

We are Neal & Kayla. We are not big on pet names, so Neal has called me Lady (as in, hey you, lady over there) since we started dating. My uncle, seeing Neal clamber out of the car the first time in Arkansas, said “ooh! he’s like a big bear! I wanna wrassle him!”  My sweet niece calls him “bar” , so now he’s never going to be able to shake it. It suits him though, aside from his 6’3″ frame, Neal’s ursine qualities include an affinity for meat, love of long naps, and a relatively quiet nature unless threatened.

We met at a Halloween party at the University of Michigan in 2007. We were mostly friends in college, but talked every day after I moved home and soon fell in L-O-V-E. Neal made the big move to Texas in 2011 and we got hitched last month. He is still getting used to being a misplaced midwestern boy, but the transition has been easier since he had a secret repressed cowboy side.

We just bought a house and are going to try to slowly but surely furnish it up with the help of some aggressive bargain shopping and the occasional DIY attempt. I am no designer, and need all the help I can get.

We love cooking together, making couch forts, hanging out at the Little Red River with my family, Alex Guarnaschelli (kayla), and strong coffee (Neal).

As to the why I would assume you want to read this, I don’t. However:

  • I love reading my friends’ blogs (shoutout April & JB!) and seeing what they’re up to. Having one makes snooping around slightly less creepy, and it seems only fair to provide creeping opportunities for others.
  • I always make a point to always try new recipes, and they come from all over the place: dog-eared Food Network magazines, church-lady cookbooks, epicurious, Rachel Ray… This is great for being a culinary pirate, and learning to play with new ingredients, but horrible for potlucks when everyone says to bring your favorite dish. Even if we love something new, I am awful about recording it and the recipe is forgotten as soon as the last bite of leftovers are scarfed. I have high hopes for this being the answer to my ongoing “what can we bring that is delicious?!” dilemma.
  • I refuse to post pictures of food I make on facebook, instagram or the like no matter how impressive it looks. This somehow seems more appropriate. If you don’t want to look at pictures of our dinner, you brought this upon yourself.
  • How else is The Food Network going to realize that Neal and I are destined to be a couple-y version of Anthony Bourdain where we travel the world and eat funky cheese in people’s houses fo free?
  • Semi-regular posting means we have a somewhat legitimate method of procrastinating less-fun things like cleaning.



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